Too many presenters think it is OK to take the PowerPoint slides they use for in-person presentations and use them online. Often this doesn’t work very well at all. Why? Because many overloaded slides rely on the audience being able to direct their attention to the presenter in order to understand what the slide means. In an online presentation, the presenter’s video is a tiny square so the audience doesn’t have somewhere to look in order to understand the slide. So they go check their email or Slack.

In this section you will learn how to take the text and number heavy slides and create visuals that will better engage the audience online. You will learn the shortcuts and quick ways to create visuals so it doesn’t take your hours slaving over PowerPoint.

You will also learn how to engage the audience by using techniques that go beyond the typical slides, like piece-by-piece builds of slide elements, video-like effects, incorporating YouTube video clips, and creating non-linear presentations that get the audience involved in determining the order of the content.