Course Introduction

Welcome to the Next-Level Virtual Presenting course!

You’ve made a good decision to invest in improving your online presenting skills. When you take your online presentations to the next level, you will stand out from your colleagues and competitors.

Let me review how the course works.

There are two parts to the course. The first part will be a live session held via Zoom or Teams. In this session I will show you many techniques and approaches that go well beyond the beginner level advice that you see everywhere. The focus of the live session is to show you what is possible and discuss why you may want to use it in your presentation. The session will be a total of 3 hours and fifteen minutes long – two 90-minute teaching sessions with a 15 minute break in between. I will email you the connection details two days before the session date.

The second part of the course is the library of online resources. The online library will show you how to implement the ideas from the live session that you decide will work best in your presentations. There are written tutorials, video tutorials, and videos from my live sessions that you can follow to apply the ideas, techniques, and approaches you learned in the live session. You have access to this library now. I suggest you scan it but don’t dive deeply into it right now because you will want to focus on the highest priority ideas from the live session.

Please come to the live session looking for ideas. It is best when the small group (remember, there will be a maximum of eight participants) engages in conversation about how what you are seeing can be used in real presentations. The live session will not cover the “how to” information, that’s what the online library of resources is for. You won’t be doing breakouts or practicing presenting in the live session. The live sessions is for you to get as many ideas as possible.

Start exploring the online library of resources in the other sections and I look forward to seeing you on the live session!