Why virtual presenting will continue to be important

Now that many organizations have started in-person meetings again, you may think that being great at presenting virtually will no longer be important. Wrong. The skills to present virtually will be important for business professionals in the future.

Research and our own experience tell us that virtual and hybrid meetings will continue to play an important role in organizations. The reductions in travel costs, being able to have the right people attending no matter where they are located, and the ability to combine in-person and virtual attendees will make virtual and hybrid meetings a key tool in organizations.

Some professionals think that being great at virtual presentations requires being a technical wizard. Not at all. Yes, you do have to become comfortable with some technology. Almost all business professionals became somewhat proficient with basic virtual meeting technology when the world switched in March 2020. Those basic skills won’t be good enough in the future. If you thought that the basics were good enough because virtual would go away when in-person meetings resumed, that’s not the case. Like anything, understanding the technology and practice will make you comfortable with current technology that will make your presentations more effective.

You might be thinking that upgrading your technology will cost a lot. You’ve seen the social media posts with elaborate setups that have boom mics, professional lighting, multiple high-end cameras, and switchers. You don’t need all that gear. The right investment in a few pieces of standard equipment will give you better presentations and keep the setup simple (so fewer things can go wrong).

The meeting platforms have evolved dramatically since March 2020. There are so many new features and ways to make presentations more effective. You aren’t stuck with just sharing slides. You can do so much more. With some practical instruction on techniques you can use, your virtual presentations will be more engaging and effective.

The Virtual Presentation Academy will help you take your virtual presentation skills to the next level. In each module you have lessons on specific topics. Follow the lessons in order or jump around to the ones that interest you right now. Come back as often as you need in order to keep improving.

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